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Here are materials related to the GIS Conference. [2011 Conference Program]


Pre-Conference Workshops

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Keynote Address

Adie Tomer — Missed Opportunity: Transit and Jobs in Metropolitan America [Movie]

Educational Sessions

Management and Policy

Beth Alden — Making the Case for Transit with Maps [Powerpoint]

Nathan Byerly — Analysis of Key Employee Demographic and Special Relationships Impacting Commutes [Powerpoint]


Ellen Currier and Jeff Schenck — Visualizing Transportation Planning Through Web-Based Mapping [Powerpoint]

James Fogarty — Building Better Transit Information: Maps

Gerald Gawaldo [Biography] — GIS for the Transit Rider (101) [Powerpoint]


Ajay Krishnapillai — Enterprise Architecture for Infrastructure Network and Performance Metrics [Powerpoint]

Jesse Simon — Origin/Destination Applications from Smart Card Data [Powerpoint/Word Document]

Joachim Pfeiffer — GIS Data in Real Time Transit Management Systems [Powerpoint]

Multimodal Planning

David Stroud — Integrated Systems Planning [Powerpoint]

Sean J. Barbeau — Using Open Data to Develop Multimodal Trip Planners for Livable Communities [Powerpoint]

Brian Sovik — Integrated Transit Planning with TransMap [Powerpoint]

Census Data Products

Penelope Weinberger — An Overview of the CTPP [Powerpoint]

Wes Flack — Census Data for Transportation

Matthew Graham — Census Longitudinal Employment Dynamics and Transportation Planning [Powerpoint]

Rural and ADA Tools

Arica Bolechala — Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Travel Assistance Device (TAD) on the Bus Riding Behavior of Individuals with Disabilities

Tony Hanberg — Connecting Rural and Urban Communities with a Multistate Trip Planner [Powerpoint]

Leveraging and Management of Bus Stops

Sakshi Mehta — WMATA Bus Stop Management [Powerpoint]

Kirk Weaver — Using Transit Locations for Pedestrian Safety Analysis [PDF]

Maaza Mekuria — Comparison of Analyst Stops Spacing Results Against an Optimization Method [Powerpoint]

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Victoria Perk — Land Use Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): The Boston Silver Line [Powerpoint]

Jennifer Flynn — BRT’s Impact on Transit Accessibility [Powerpoint]


Keynote Address

David Emory and Kevin Webb — Open Trip Planner: Open Source Multimodal Trip Planner [PDF]

Educational Sessions

Developing Data Infrastructure

Ed Wells and Anurag Mehta — Constructing WMATA’s Enterprise Transit GIS: Strategy, Action, Issues [Powerpoint]

Anurag Mehta – Linear Referencing System in Transit Agency [Powerpoint]

Aaron Antrim — A Supported Web-based Approach to Managing Data for Small Transit Agencies [Powerpoint]

Robert C. Hudson, Jr. — Leveraging Non-Spatial Transportation Information Systems in an Enterprise GIS Environment


Jim Lam — Adventures in Transit Pathfinding [Powerpoint]

Elad Mokadi — Modeling the Future Impact of a Proposed Street Car System on Urban Land Use

Christopher Andrews — Infrastructure Conceptual Design: What Could Be in the Context of What Is [PDF]

Transit Service Forecasting

Amr Mohammed — Understanding Service Changes of Transit Agencies for Modeling the Bus Transit Network Evolution [Powerpoint]

Rodney Bunner — Parcel‐Based Transit Modeling: Enhancing the TBEST Modeling Framework with Parcel Level Demographic Data and Land‐Use Trip Attraction Capabilities

Leverage Data

Bruce Spear — LEHD OnTheMap Data [Powerpoint]

Martin Catala — Opportunities to Expand the GTFS to Support Planning and Operations

Justin Begley and Chris Cochran — The Role of Geographic Information Systems in Transit Development Planning

Tools and Techniques

Colleen Schelde and Jakob Mortensen — GIS for Better Operational Performance and Service Delivery ‐ GeoTransit Planner [PDF]

Anurag Mehta — Linear Referencing System in Transit Agency

Shannon Haney — Model Builder™, Marketing, and Money [PDF]

Closing General Session

Martin Catala — The Future of the GIS in Transit Clearinghouse

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