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Affordable Bus Arrival Estimation for Small to Medium Sized Transit Providers

The GIS in Public Transportation Conference Committee is pleased to feature Mr. Tony Hanberg’s (Resource Systems Group, Inc.) poster presentation entitledAffordable Bus Arrival Estimation for Small to Medium Sized Transit Providers.”


Poster Description

RSG was retained by the I-95 Corridor Coalition to design and build an affordable vehicle tracking system for small to medium sized transit providers. Over a 2-year period (2009-2010), RSG worked with the Advance Transit public transit agency serving the upper Connecticut River Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont to build this system. “Affordable” in this context encompassed both capital and operating costs. Basic tracking was achieved through the use of 2G GPS-enabled mobile phones utilizing the Sprint iDennetwork. A web-based interface was developed that enables the bus transit operator to match mobile units with buses and buses to routes and schedules. The project was officially launched in April 2011 and is being actively managed by the transit operator on a daily basis.

For additional information or questions about this poster, please contact Tony Hanberg, Consultant, Resource Systems Group, Inc. , 55 Railroad Row, White River Junction, VT 05001 (


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