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The 2nd National GIS in Transit Conference

The 2nd National GIS in Transit Conference was held from May 16-May 18, 1999 in Tampa, Florida. Please find below information about the original program, speakers, and papers that were presented. Conference Program Planning Committee List of Exhibitors Photos Abstracts Papers and Presentations The Transit GIS Tool Box -A Visual Basic/Map Objects Application for Transit …

Affordable Bus Arrival Estimation Poster

URISA/NCTR 2011 GIS in Public Transportation Conference

NCTR and URISA are pleased to announce the 2011 GIS in Public Transportation Conference.  The conference will be held September 13-15, 2011, at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bay Front in St. Petersburg, Florida. The GIS in Public Transportation Conference Committee is pleased to feature Mr. Tony Hanberg’s (Resource Systems Group, Inc.) poster presentation entitled “Affordable …

2009 NCTR GIS in Transit Conference

2009 GIS in Transit Conference GIS in Transit 2009 Conference Schedule Analysis of Fare Data This session focused on the latest techniques being used to gather and integrate Automated Fare Collection (AFC) data into Geographic Information Systems and the application of this data in transit officials’ decision-making processes. It’s All About the Customer Challenges related …

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