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A New Community-Based Bike Routing Tool

BikePlanner.org is a new bike routing website from OpenPlans that uses the impressive, crowdsourced OpenStreetMap. BikePlanner is free and easy to use on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, preferences for the “fastest”, “safest”, or “flatest” route can be calibrated by the user, either¬†for personal biking or bikesharing. The most attractive feature is that the …

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NCTR at CUTR Webinar: OpenStreetMap

Interested in using open-source software to map your community? The following OpenStreetMap webinar will answer your mapping questions. NCTR at CUTR Webinar: OpenStreetMap – An Online Open-Source Community for Mapping and Analysis. Presented by CUTR Senior Research Associates: Ed Hillsman and Sean Barbeau. The following recording ID will provide access to the webinar: N3S2DZ Related …

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