Zillow Neighborhood Boundaries

This data can certainly be very useful!
The team from Zillow has created over 7000 neighborhood boundaries across North America. The data is available in the shapefile format and includes fields for the state, county, neighborhood name and region ID.

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And the winner is …. The Square Pie Chart


Pie charts are both adored and hated for their simplistic functionality. The general consensus seems to be that they are useful however, they are to many limitations. Nonetheless, the argument beckons for which form of pie chart can be proven to be the undisputed champion. In a study by Robert Kosara and student Caroline Ziemkiewicz they have done an analysis of the square, stacked bar, pie and donut charts. If you are new to the concept of filling a square to represent your data let us just say … it is very likely you are not alone.

It is common that the use of the square pie chart is not often correctly used, however it has many benefits over the other forms. Definitely, above and beyond the bar that represents two (2) data sets and resembles the loading status of most 19th century games.

Well without further adieu I invite you to read the enlightening article illustrating why the square pie chart is ahead of the curve.

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Visualizing MBTA Data

This article entitled, “An interactive exploration of Boston’s Subway System” presents an insightful and microscopic view of subway operations.



With the innovative method of visualizing GTFS data, it is possible to understand the subway system better than we ever have before. These tools are not only valuable for a microscopic view of the transit  operations but can allow for commuters to use the  system more efficiently.

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The Farside Story: Measuring the Benefits of Bus Stop Location on Transit Performance

Interesting Article on  the understanding of the effects of bus stop location on stop time and its variation to improve service quality while minimizing service variation at the stop level.bus stop

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How Large Public Data-sets are Empowering Communities

Transit analysist

Today, thanks to the availability of large public data sets society now has the ability to create tools which enable persons  to make more informed decisions. This data has long been available but now it has been broken down from its most complex forms into visually appealing and easily comprehensible graphics. The article entitled ” 12 Data Tools to Help Americans Climb the Economic Ladder” explores these tools and shows the many ways that “Big Data’ can be used to help persons maximize technology to make better positions. For instance, the trends in real estate and access to education are a few key topics that have a long-term significant impact. To find our more!