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Census Bureau Report – Commuter Adjusted Population Estimates: ACS 2006 -2010

Census Bureau has recently released a report on its first Commuter Adjusted Population Estimates based on the American community Survey (ACS) and the first Commuter- Adjusted Population release since that based on Census 2000.The report summarizes Commuter- Adjusted Population estimates for places, Minor Civil Divisions (MCDs), Counties and States based on the 2006-2010 estimates.This ACS dataset was selected in order to provide a reasonable comparison with the Census 2000 estimates.
In addition, tables and graphs are available that show cities among the top 20 with the largest Commuter-Adjusted Populations and cities among the top 20 with the greatest percentage change between residence population and Commuter-Adjusted Population. The report also provides maps and ratios of workers to residents for counties and cities.
To access the report and data please click here.

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