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GAO Report Stresses Importance of Data in Facilitating Decision-Making

GAO Report 11-290 underscores the importance of data provision in contributing to better decision-making. More specifically, the article highlights the data gaps responsible for limitations in benefit or cost forecasting that can further impede decision makers’ attempts to forecast transit demand. Models that lack the necessary data to predict ridership are fruitless attempts at making …

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GIS for Transportation Symposium – April 16-18, 2012

The GIS-T 2012 Mainframe to Mainstream 25 Years of Progress symposium is being held in Loveland, Colorado from April 16-18 this year. In addition to the forum, workshops will be held on April 15. Sponsored by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), GIS-T aims to bring together transportation professionals, executives, and …

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Twitter Promotes Smarter Transit Planning

Utilizing geotagged tweets, Eric Fischer creates maps that visualize how people move throughout cities. The result highlights transit corridors that are the most traveled, as well as areas of opportunity in providing transit. The above map illustrates those transit corridors most traveled, with the darker, more pronounced inkblots representing higher travel densities. Fischer’s maps are …

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GIS Increases Efficiency and Productivity for Polk County

  GIS Day in Polk County, Florida underscores the potential GIS has in creating a more efficient and productive government. Polk County Fire Rescue utilizes GIS mapping technology to confirm locations of hazardous materials, as well as emergency shutoff switches that are crucial to first responders. In addition, the Florida Department of Transportation in Bartow …

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Request for Submissions from the Transit GIS Community

The NCTR at CUTR Transit GIS Clearinghouse would like to hear from you. We welcome submissions, such as articles, videos, maps, and data, that are relevant to the transit GIS industry. If you would like to contribute to the website, please send your idea to: CUTR Senior Research Associate Martin Catala at