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FTA Webcast: Public Transportation Priorities in the GROW AMERICA Act, May 22, 2014

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will be hosting a live webcast on the topic ” Public  Transportation Priorities in the Grow America Act”. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx will provide kick-off remarks for a public webcast highlighting the major public transportation priorities and new programs in the Administration’s four-year surface transportation reauthorization proposal, known as the …

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Data Driven Bus Service Scheduled Trial Runs in May 2014

Matthew George, 23-year-old Middlebury College graduate has found a  mass transit system that could figure out on a daily basis where people are and where they want to go, and then get them there — nonstop — on luxury buses for just a few dollars more than a T ride costs. The first-of-its-kind “pop-up” bus service …

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Apple-Transit Data in iOS8 Maps

Apple’s recent mapping-related acquisition effort is expected to bear fruit in the next generation of iOS as the company’s mapping team is said to be preparing a new transit direction feature and significant improvements to the maps’ underlying data. Lack of built-in transit support is perhaps one of the most oft-cited failures of Apple’s mapping …

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Mapping the Traffic Crashes in New York

The New York Police Department is challenged with city’s traffic fatality and injury numbers, releasing the data in a PDF format that’s difficult for developers to use. A group called betaNYC has been pushing the cops to make their data machine-readable aligning with NY mayor’s Vision Zero. One civic-minded citizen named John Krauss has been scraping the data …

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FHWA Report: Assessment of the GIS Needs and Obstacles in Traffic Safety

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has released a report that explores the use of GIS for safety decision making at the state and local level, and considers opportunities for FHWA to use this technology to improve highway safety.The report found that while states are not generally using the full capabilities of modern GIS software …

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