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Alternative Fuel Projects and Upcoming Conferences

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Converting Buses from Diesel to Electric Power (Anaheim, California): The Anaheim Transportation Network and NexGen Power Group Inc. have partnered for a project to convert two transit buses that currently use diesel fuel to run on heavy-duty, zero-emission, electric battery power.  The conversion process will take six months, with …

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How to Access Florida Department of Transportation Aerial Images for 34 Counties

Florida Department of Transportation Imaging Acquisition and Processing An inventory of imagery was produced and used to track the process of modifying the imagery to meet the GIS needs of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Imagery for 34 counties has been made available as a result of this project. Please click on the link …

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Environmental Science and Technology Journal: The Most Environmentally Friendly Modes of Transportation

The Environmental Science and Technology journal published the study, “Specific Climate Impact of Passenger and Freight Transport,” which analyzed modes of transportation to include car, air, ship, and train, to determine which mode was the most environmentally friendly. The study compared the emissions rate of the various modes against the rise and fall of  global …

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