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The Farside Story: Measuring the Benefits of Bus Stop Location on Transit Performance

Interesting Article on  the understanding of the effects of bus stop location on stop time and its variation to improve service quality while minimizing service variation at the stop level.    Click here to read Full Article

BusTime to Service All of New York City

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced that its open-source BusTime project will go live in Staten Island, and looked to expand coverage to all five boroughs by 2013.  This provides more opportunity for New Yorkers in various parts of New York City to ascertain real-time bus locations. For more about the Staten Island release, please …

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Addition of Bike Racks and Lockers at Seattle Bus and Light Rail Stations

-Seattle’s Sound Transit is planning to add 200 spaces for bikes and 173 bike lockers at eleven transit stations and centers around Seattle. -According to Sound Transit, the lockers can hold one bike and each rack can hold at least eight bikes. -The bike spaces and lockers will be used by those transit riders trying …

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