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Visualizing Walkshed and Transit Useability

Walksheds are the walkable area around a particular point of interest and an important concept for understanding pedestrian habits , therefore visualizing them better might help urban planners. The above picture provides an visual representation of population living within 800m  around  the Montreal rail network . The larger the circle, the more people within the walkshed, the less …

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Expansion of D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare Program

On September 20, 2010, Washington D.C.’s District Department of Transportation (DDOT) launched an expansion of their Capital Bikeshare program. First started by DDOT in 2007, the bikeshare program has grown so popular that DDOT officials decided to expand the program, which is now the largest bikesharing system in the United States. The fleet of 1,100 …

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Addition of Bike Racks and Lockers at Seattle Bus and Light Rail Stations

-Seattle’s Sound Transit is planning to add 200 spaces for bikes and 173 bike lockers at eleven transit stations and centers around Seattle. -According to Sound Transit, the lockers can hold one bike and each rack can hold at least eight bikes. -The bike spaces and lockers will be used by those transit riders trying …

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