Transit GIS 2017 Session: Transit’s Impact on Property: Value, Use, and Opportunity

Moderated by: Melinda Morang

Transit’s Impact on Property: Value, Use, and Opportunity

Learn how to assess transit’s impact on land use and rider/resident opportunity, hear a case study of BRT’s impact on residential property value in Eugene, Oregon, and learn how you can use story map tools to present success stories on the impacts of transit-oriented-development planning.

Assessing Transit Land Use Impacts and Opportunities

Ian Carlton, Ph.D, Co-Founder,, Portland, OR

Link To Presentation

Impacts of BRT Station Access on Residential Property Values:  Case Study of the Eugene EmX

Victoria Perk, Ph.D, Senior Research Associate, Center for Urban Transportation Research/University of South Florida, Tampa, FL


Transit-Oriented Transformation: Sharing TOD Success Stories Using ArcGIS Online

Will Gillespie, Principal Analyst – Strategic Planning, Regional Transportation Authority, Chicago, IL



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