Transit GIS 2017 Session: A Thorough Tour of GTFS: Creating, Improving, Sharing, Finding

Moderated by: Drew Dara-Abrams

A Thorough Tour of GTFS: Creating, Improving, Sharing, Finding

For over 10 years, public transit agencies have been sharing their schedules with Google and others using the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). This common format has enabled a wide range of apps, services, and businesses to be built around such data. Attendees will take a soup to nuts tour through the basics of GTFS, best practices, the mechanics of publishing, and how to work with other agencies’ feeds.

Learning to Use GTFS: World Bank’s Online Course for Developing Regions

Holly Krambeck, Senior Transport Specialist, World Bank IBRD, Washington, DC
Tatiana Peralta-Quiros, Transport Economist, World Bank IBRD, Washington, DC

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GTFS Best Practices: A New Guide Created Collaboratively by Data Consumers, Producers, and the Rocky Mountain Institute

Aaron Antrim, Principal, Trillium Solutions, Inc., Portland, OR
Sean Barbeau, Principal Mobile Software Architect for R&D, University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research, Tampa, FL 

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Publishing, Consuming, and Improving GTFS with the Transitland Platform

Drew Dara-Abrams, Ph.D., Head of Mobility Products, Mapzen, San Francisco, CA
Ian Rees, Software Engineer, Mapzen, San Francisco, CA

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