National Rural Transit Assistance Program Technical (National RTAP) Assistance Conference

Easing mobility by displaying trip plans with multi-agency routes connecting intercity as well as your tribal partners is possible! Has your agency wanted to launch your schedules for online trip planning, but didn’t have a trained team member?

At the GIS/Transit Conference a few weeks ago we learned that some transit partners want to join online trip planning at Google, Bing, Yahoo & Apple Maps while the tech team members just need some training in publishing standardized data. Additionally, you may have heard that there are easy ways to get started.

The upcoming National Rural Transit Assistance Program Technical (National RTAP) Assistance Conference “Reaching New Heights in Rural and Tribal Transit” will be held in Denver in October. One half-day session will teach and build out one of your routes using the standardized data process, known as General Transit Feed Specification, (GTFS) in a no-additional-cost session, on October 27. This session invites participants to attend with their PC laptop, data loaded and ready-to-learn. While our GIS or transportation planning professionals may be best suited for this task, any capable staff with some basic Excel skills will become capable in GTFS. Once registered the participant will be sent the pre-flight action plan.

Conference registration:

For more information on the conference, contact:

If your staff cannot attend this conference but may want to proceed with GTFS, on-line no-cost training tools are available at: or contacting: (360) 643 1002

RTAP scholarships may be available in your State. Here are your local contacts.

To those of you who attended our conference earlier this month, thank you.

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