TRB Symposium: Visualization for Big Data



Transportation Research Board (TRB) is hosting the 7th international symposium on the theme Visualization for Big Data  from 23-25 October 2013 at Irvine, California. This symposium is sponsored by ABJ 95 – Visualization in Transportation. 

The goal of the 2013 Symposium is to advance innovation in visualization for transportation applications through the exchange of information, to create a collaborative environment that promotes ideas for action that evolves our ability to address those needs, and to foster the integration of visualization into mainstream practice.

The symposium track includes Visualizing the oceans of probe data from travelers’ mobile devices, Usability techniques for presenting and collecting information from mobile devices, Discovering and communicating congestion, mobility, safety, and operations information with novel visual analytics, Working to visualize transportation data for operations and planning purposes, Visualizing projects from conceptualization, through design and construction, Enhancing vehicular safety through better data discovery tools, Increasing efficiency of asset management through better visualization and new tools to enhance the presentation of transportation models.

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