Placemaking Project – Main Street New Jersey


The Main Street New Jersey Program (MSNJ) was established in 1989 to encourage and support the revitalization of downtowns throughout the state.The program helps municipalities improve the economy, appearance and image of their central business districts through the organization of local citizens and resource. Every two years the Department of Community Affairs accepts applications and designates selected communities to join the program. These communities receive valuable technical support and training to assist in restoring their Main Streets as centers of community and economic activity.

There are no quick fixes for declining downtowns. However, success comes from using a comprehensive and incremental approach such as the Main Street program. Some of the factors that contributed to the well balanced program are organization,economic restructuring, design and promotion.Using these factors MSNJ Communities have brought significant numbers of new businesses and jobs to their respective downtowns. In addition, facade improvements and building rehabilitation projects have upgraded the image of Main Street.

Such private public innovative projects should be replicated to other parts of the country inorder to revitalize the declining downtowns and to create more livable communities.


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