Population Statistics: Hardly Ever Talked


Commuter -adjusted population  indicates that where the jobs are and which communities do little more than give people to sleep. As a major job center Manhattan  has one of the most  dramatic changes in the daytime population.The latest report reveals that 1.5 million people live in Manhattan which is larger than the population of Dallas,Phoneix and San Franscisco. Percentage-wise, though, the growth of Redmond City, Washington, is even greater; the population of the Seattle suburb expands by about 111 percent by day.These figures come from a new report from the Census Bureau using data from the American Community Survey, which asks people both where they live and work in selected 20 cities across the nation. Those cities that lose the most population by day tend to be outer-ring suburbs with lots of homes and few jobs.

The above map reveals  the contrasts those patterns of daytime population loss and gain across the country, with big receiver counties in blue and feeders in red. Addtionaly,this same data can be converted into a ratio between the number of workers living in a given area to the number of jobs there.This geography of how populations move on a daily basis indicates the need for well planned regional transportation infrastructure.

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