Sustainable Communities HotReport

The HotReport is to give community leaders and residents a quick and easy way to determine how well the community is performing on a variety of sustainability indicators.This HotReport was developed by the HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities – with support from the US Census Bureau.

The report provides indicators for  topics such as Transportation, Housing, Economic development, Income, and  Equity. The service users can select a particular community and view charts, tables, and maps showing performance trends over time.  Service user can also select other communities that are considered as “peer” or comparison communities. The Sustainable Communities HotReport searches an online network of public databases, known as TheDataWeb, and knits together a series of interactive web pages that incorporate calculations, maps, charts, text, and tables on demand.The data in TheDataWeb are live streaming and automatically updated, provided in nonproprietary format at no cost to the public, using official Census metadata.

For further reading and to access the HotReport please click here.

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