Visualizing Walkshed and Transit Useability


Walksheds are the walkable area around a particular point of interest and an important concept for understanding pedestrian habits , therefore visualizing them better might help urban planners.

The above picture provides an visual representation of population living within 800m  around  the Montreal rail network . The larger the circle, the more people within the walkshed, the less likely people will rely on other modes of transport to reach the rail station.

In this Montreal example, many of the rail stations towards the end of the line are far less populous. According to Anton Dubrau, the creator of this visualisation, “some stations are directly next to highways, others are surrounded by a sea of parking, others are in the middle of nowhere”, all of which can disincetivise rail use. These concepts are useful for urban and transit planners for modelling urban landuse and providing information on livable areas.

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Source: The Guardian

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