Mobile Mapping Technology to facilitate dialogue between Transportation Agencies and the Public


University of Oregan (UO) has carried out a project on the  topic “Development of Mobile Mapping Technology to Facilitate  Dialogue between Transportation Agencies and the Public”  sponsored by Oregan Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC).  The project aims  to develop enhancements in mobile application functionality as well as develop a model that facilitates a direct, two-way exchange of data between citizens and transportation authorities.

This project has developed three applications for three distinctly different user groups. First,” JLA involve ” a Oregan based public involvement firm to update Transportation System Plan (TSP). Second, developed and deployed for City of Eugene, OR., and allows citizens to submit bike-lane service requests directly to the City’s internal Work Ticket (MMS) system for quickly responding to and resolving requests. The third application, “Make It So”, was developed and deployed by University of Oregon (UO) transportation researcher Marc Schlossberg, and makes generalized mobile survey instruments available to other transportation researchers around the world through Apple’s App Store. All are utilizing Esri’s API for iOS or Android to maximize the potential for recipients of mobile generated data to incorporate it directly into their existing spatial data management/GIS systems and workflows.

All application users can reference current spatial data and provide mobile feedback instantly at the moment of observation. Through the application, road authorities and decisionmakers have real-time access to collected data for analysis by planners and researchers.

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