The Best Maps: Sandy’s Transit Outage in NewYork

Before Sandy After Sandy Storm

Hurricane Sandy’s impact on transit system in Newyork is well known.OpenTripPlanners have developed two set of maps which depict transit system in Newyork when the storm Sandy hit the city. The above map on the left shows how accessible transit system before the storm  and the map on the right shows the same landscape after the storm hits the city.

The yellow areas are the parts of the city that 7.5 million New Yorkers can reach from home in less than an hour by public transit and walking. The red areas are within an hour’s commute of 6 million people in the metropolitan area. The blue areas are accessible by 4 million people, and the gray areas by 2 million.These two maps were built using Census data and the OpenTripPlanner route-planning tool, a multi-modal, open-source platform that models travel itineraries for users . Also with the help of  GTFS data feeds from transit agencies and other sources.

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