Two New Webinars from Rutgers University’s National Transit Institute

Rutgers’s National Transit Institute will be hosting two, free webinars in August and September. The webinars will be based on findings from the TCRP Research Results Digest 103 and TCRP Synthesis SB-20, respectively.

Webinar Title: Sustainable Public Transportation: Environmentally Friendly Mobility Report on the International Transit Studies Program Mission

Webinar Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2012, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Eastern Time

Webinar Description:  This webinar will discuss what was learned from the Spring 2011 TCRP study in India and China that researched how these two countries made impressive strides in building sustainable transit systems while experiencing rapid economic growth. The webinar also attempts to answer some questions central to sustainable public transit:

– Can public transportation systems create more livable communities through bus, metro, bus rapid transit, rail, and light rail systems?

– Can these systems be designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, lower operating costs while providing safe and accessible transportation services?

Webinar Presenters:
Clinton Bench – Deputy Director of Planning; Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Mariate Echeverry – Transportation Planning Manager; City of Asheville, North Carolina
Heather Ferguson – General Manager, Scheduling; Chicago Transit Authority

Webinar Contact: Ginny Stern,

Connection Information: click here for registration
Title: Friends, Fans, and Followers: How Transit Agencies Use Social Media

Date: Thursday, September 13, 2012, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM  Eastern Time

Description: Drawing research findings from a literature review, a survey of transportation organizations, and six follow-up case studiesthis webinar explores the use of social media among transit agencies in the United States and Canada. Topics include how transit agencies can use social media to engage customers and their communities, case studies, resources needed to implement, any obstacles, and lessons learned from the process.

Webinar Presenters:
Susan BregmanPrincipal; Oak Square Resources, LLC
Tim Moore –  Webmaster; Bay Area Rapid Transit
Morgan LyonsDirector of Media Relations; Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Audience: Transit professionals in the following roles who are currently using, or may be interested in utilizing social media: marketing and communications, media relations, public affairs, community outreach, public participation, planning, and information technology.

Webinar Contact: Michael Groh,

Connection Information: click here for registration


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