Town Utilizes GIS for Public Transit Feedback



The Town of Banff, Canada has incorporated feedback features on its interactive, online Geographic Information System (GIS), thus providing avenues for public opinion on transportation initiatives currently taking place there. As a part of Banff’s transportation master plan, city consultants disseminated a survey requesting both residents’ and visitors’ opinions of traffic in the town. It was found that 45 percent of residents walked as their main mode of transportation, while only 29 percent used a motor vehicle.

Users can pin traffic comments at any point on the map, covering various modes such as public transportation, cycling, or pedestrian traffic. Information can be easily gathered as a result, and the GIS enables a detailed look at specific areas when it relates to residents’ traffic and parking concerns. In addition, trends gleaned from the interactive map will be helpful in illustrating such details for focus groups scheduled this September. Exemplars of transit GIS application such as Banff are using this opportunity to inspire citizen involvement in public transportation planning.

The interactive map, as well as information on Banff’s transportation master plan can be found here.

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