Managing Transit Networks – A Primer


Managing the Transit Network is a primer developed by Translink, Greater Vancouver’s Transportation Authority. Translink has plans to deliver transit networks to meet the unique transpotation needs in the area . Additionally, this primer discusses Translink’s approach and key concepts in managing such networks. It also highlights some of the characteristics of efficient, productive services, as well as some factors that are essential in designing and evaluating transit services.

The objectives of Managing the Transit Network include maximizing ridership, encouraging longterm ridership growth and providing access to transit services across the nation. Some of the considerations provided in the primer are :

  • Serving areas that are strong in ridership demand
  • Maintaining strong ridership at both origin and destination points
  • Avoiding route duplication of motorbus services

The primer also illustrates several guidelines for network design themes, and making transit service decisions. Also, Translink has acknowledged the importance of interdependencies between land use patterns and productivity. This transportation and land use feedback loop is key to creating communities that are livable, resilient and sustainable.

For the full report, please click here.



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