A Webinar on Smartphones and Travel Behavior

Webinar Date: Thursday, April 19, 2012  2:30 PM ET

Webinar Description: Smartphones with built-in GPS provide an opportunity for major changes in travel surveys. GPS or combinations with other location-based technologies such as Wi-Fi, cell tower triangulation, and Bluetooth offer opportunities to experiment with approaches to collect  travel and activity behavior over longer periods of time, to combine these data with attitudinal or stated preference surveys, and to use measured behavior as a feedback mechanism for influencing behavior. Some recent approaches have included passive data collection combined with prompted web-response, with inferred travel mode and trip purpose. Another approach has been to design an active data collection where respondents enter information for each trip or based on a “random moments” approach.

Webinar Moderators:

Guy Rousseau – Atlanta Regional Commission, and Chair of ABJ40 Travel Survey Methods

Elaine Murakami – FHWA Office of Planning, Co-Chair of the ABJ40 New Technology Subcommittee

Webinar  Presentors:

Sandra Rodriguez – PTV NuStats. Smartphone app for the Oregon Travel And Activity Survey (OTAS)

Jerry Jariyasunant and Raja Sengupta – UC Berkeley. The Quantified Traveler. Using personal travel data to promote sustainable transport behavior.

Cy Smith – CEO and Founder, AirSage. Location Intelligence from Cellular Signaling Data Powering Transportation Planning

Webinar Attendence: Participation do not require pre-registration, however there are only 100 connections available.  The session will also be recorded and made available  www.tmiponline.org.

Please access the webinar using the following information:

Conference Number: 1-888-675-2535
Participant Code: 8344566

Event URL:http://fhwa.adobeconnect.com/tmipvirtualseminars/

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