Active Transportation Beyond Urban Centers



Active Transportation Beyond Urban Centers, a research report prepared by Rails-to Trails Conservancy, suggests that in coming years, active transportation can play a bigger role in making rural America more attractive for young families and business investment – improving economic vitality, public safety and overall health of Americans.

So far, biking and walking have been long assumed as a “big city” phenomenon. Further, decision-makers assume that rural Americans can not benefit  from bicyling and pedestrian infrastrcture. Recent data from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) reveal that an active transportation-human-powered mobility, including biking and walking, count as significant means of transportation all across the countryside.

Creating opportunities for walking and biking for rural Americans also provides economic relief from higher gas prices.Therefore, active transportation is a creative, simple solution to address multiple challenges.This report also recommends that federal investment in active transportation infrastucture is necessary to a balanced transportation system that meets the need of all Americans.

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