Data to Go: Mobile Devices Serve Up Real-Time Transit Data

Webinar Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

Webinar Description:

The result of demographic changes and the growing use of mobile phones has compelled transit agencies to disseminate information through new media. The emergence of new technologies has also prompted the provision of real-time data, providing customer’s with valuable information on stationary or moving vehicles that can improve their transit experience. Nevertheless, the impact of  of the technology explosion is making it difficult for agencies to keep abreast of new devices and requirements, as well as in-house customer data provision. This webinar will address lessons learned from the dissemination of real-time transit information on mobile devices, as well as the current state of practice in deploying such technology.

Webinar Objectives: (Taken from USDOT RITA website)

  • Enhance participants’ knowledge of the use of mobile devices to provide transit information
  • Describe the five “dimensions” necessary to deploy information on mobile devices
  • Describe the results of the questionnaire, and case studies from TriMet, BART, LeeTran and Transport for London
  • Discuss best practices used by agencies to provide information on mobile devices

Webinar Host:

David W.Jackson – US DOT RITA Volpe Center

Mr. Jackson has 18 years of experience in program and policy analysis as well as project evalaution concentrating on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), transit technology applications, and Management and Operations (M & O) efforts at state and local levels of goverment , including performance-based transit and public lands operations. Currently, he manages the US DOT ITS Joint Program Office’s (ITS JPO) ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program Volpe team.

Webinar Presenters:

Carol Schweiger – TransSystems

Ms. Schweiger  has 32 years of expereince in transportation consulting, and is currently leading TrasnSystems’ ITS business area. She is also a nationally and internationally recognized consultant, author of guidance research reports on transit customer information systems. Ms. Schweiger’s recent report, Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 91- Use and Deployment of mobile Device Technology for Real-Time Transit Information, was the impetus for the White House Roundtable on Real-Time Transit Applications. She has assisted over 35 transit agencies throughout the U.S. in planning, procuring,deploying, and evaluating their ITS systems.

Mike Horsting – Regional Transportation Authority

Mr.Horsting works as a Principal Analyst with the Regional Transportation Authority in Chicago. He was Prinicipal Planner with Lee County for 9 and a half years. Moreover, Mr. Horsting has directed, managed and evaluated the Transit Planning and Engineering departments and its consultants at LeeTran.

Tim Moore – Bay Area Rapid Transit

Mr.Moore has led San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District ‘s (BART) early use of mobile, messaging, social and location-based services. He currently oversees interactive services for BART. Mr. Moore’s work has appeared in several publications, and has gamered numerous awards. He is also a frequent speaker on interactive strategy and innovation, open data, mobile services and social engagement.

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