Tutorial: MapInfo PitneyBowes-Creating an Inset map

Creating an inset map.

After data is plotted on the map, it may be desired to display the entire US to see where the data is located. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to see the detailed view of a street geocoded address as well as a state map at the same time. An inset can be created so that both the zoomed in view and entire map view can be displayed at the same time.


1. Create a map of the US and customers.
2. Make a clone of this map. (Map>Clone View)
3. Using the cloned copy, zoom in to the specific state to display.
4. Create a new layout window. (Window>New Layout Window)
4. In the Frame Dialog box, choose the US map.
5. Now , using the tools, choose the frame. (Hint: The frame tool looks like a yellow picture frame)

Use this tool to add a new frame to the layout window by clicking on it and then dragging the mouse in the layout window. Once the mouse button is released, a prompt will ask for which map to place in the frame. Choose the zoomed cloned map.

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