Open Data Initiative Apps and Projects

TriMet: Portland, Oregon

A new app, “Portland Bike to Map Transit” has been created to help bike riders find the best route to transit stops. The app, created by Portland State University student Melanie Sax-Barnett, has been added to TriMet’s App Center.  For more information, please visit

Open Data Initiatives in the United States and Canada

The article, “How Open Data Initiatives Can Improve City Life,” details how five cities in the U.S. and Canada are leading the way with open data programs to make government more transparent, engaged with the community, and efficient.  The cities released data sets to the community in a variety of areas to include crime, transportation, infrastructure, economic development, civic elections,  and recreation facilities.

The following are some examples of apps developed from the data: how to locate loved ones during a disaster, tracking the performance of government agencies, and submitting service requests for pothole repairs and trash problems. For more information, please visit or view the article attached below.

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