Release of Enhanced Version of 2009 National Household Travel Survey Data

The US DOT FHWA has released the enhanced version of the 2009 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) data, which is now available on the NHTS home page.

FHWA noted that “the enhancement of the original V1.0 data was centered on methods of processing outliers; and at the same time, FHWA capitalized on the opportunity to use the 2008 ACS for population totals which was not available during the preparation of Version 1.0.”

Elaine Murakami from the FHWA Office of Planning provided the following helpful tip regarding the use of the data:

“I highly recommend using the  user-friendly on-line table generator for  simple analyses.  It will automatically use the correct weights.  You can start with a “frequently asked for” table, click on the “wrench” symbol, and then modify the table, e.g. to subset for a specific geographic area.  For example, by clicking on variable descriptors and values, the software will create code such as   HHSTATE EQ “FL” to limit the table to  only records in Florida.”

Nathan Erlbaum of NY State DOT has provided the following two links that may help when the first small area data are released from the ACS (2005-2009):

The Census Bureau has updated its Comparing 2009 American Community Survey Data page to include the 5-year 2005-09 ACS data. Comparisons can now be made between the 5-year 2005-09 ACS data and the 2000 data.

In addition, the Census Bureau has provided a variable-specific drill-down tool on the Table Comparisons: 2005-2009 ACS 5-year estimates and Census 2000 SF3 page. The tool facilitates searches for a comparable table between 2005-2009 ACS 5-year estimates and Census SF3 detailed tables.

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