Bing Maps Introduces OnTerra Route Optimizer App

Technology in Transit: OnTerra Route Optimizer App on Bing Maps

Microsoft and OnTerra Systems have teamed up to introduce a new app, RouteSavvy, a route optimization tool that provides the quickest and most efficient driving routes for up to 100 stops.  According to Bing Maps, users can enter up to 100 addresses into Bing Maps and receive the optimal route to their destination. In addition, users can request round-trip or one-way routes and select routes according to the shortest distance, shortest amount of travel time, or travel time based on traffic conditions.

How it Works:

Users can add destinations in one of three ways: 1) click on the location on the map 2) upload a spreadsheet of addresses 3) manually enter the address in the RouteSavvy input box.

After destinations are added, the user would then determine the criteria the optimal route should be based on: 1) round trip or one way 2)  shortest distance, time, or time based on traffic conditions.  Once the optimal route is chosen, a green line is drawn on the map highlighting the optimal route.

For additional information on how the OnTerra app works, please visit and OnTerra Systems.

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