CTPP 3-Year Data Availability and Helpful CTPP Webinars

Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP)

Brief Overview: The transportation community uses census data in applications such as travel demand modeling and microsimulation. The census data is specially tabulated by the CTPP, which summarizes the data by home location, work location, and worker flows between home and work.

CTPP Data Availability: As of August 2010, the CTPP 3-year data was being imported into CTPP Access Software. The CTPP Access Software is currently under development and should be ready Fall 2010. For the complete August 2010 CTPP Status Report, please click here.

To view an example of how CTPP data can be used,  please click acs flows to view a map of Tampa Bay’s Commuting Flows using 2000 Census CTPP data. (The map was created by the  Mobility Policy department at CUTR.)

To view the CTPP website, please click here.

CTPP webinar links:

Intro to CTPP: (Originally webcast 6/18/10)

Where are we with Defining Urban Areas: (Originally webcast 6/11/10)

CTPP Snapshot: What you need to know right now: (Originally webcast 3/10/10)

Plans for Urbanized Areas: (Originally webcast 6/12/09)

IPUMS: (Originally webcast 4/16/09)

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