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On August 16, 2010, Walk Score launched two new tools, Transit Score and Commute Reports, which will help users better understand their transportation options.

Transit Score: Provides a rating from 0-100 reflecting how well a location is served by public transportation. For example, a score of 74 would be labeled “Excellent Transit” described as “Transit is convenient for most trips.” The rating is available for over 30 cities including, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. To find a transit score, please visit the Transit Score page.

Commute Reports: Users of Walk Score can now enter an address they commute to and find information about their commuting options. The report calculates commute times by foot, car, bike, and includes nearby transit routes and stops. If applicable, the report will also include a visual representation of the hills between the two locations. To customize a commute report, please visit the Commute Report page.

Additional tools available on Walk Score:

Home and Transportation Costs Calculator: Based on a user’s monthly housing costs, annual income, and monthly transportation costs, the calculator generates an estimated monthly amount of housing and transportation costs. To learn more about your housing/transportation costs, please click here.

Public Transit API: Enables Web developers to add public transit information to their websites. Real estate companies  can create a map for potential home buyers that includes nearby public transit stops, routes, and the Transit Score of a particular location. For more information, visit the Walk Score website.

Information for this post was taken from the Walk Score website and the August 16, 2010, Walk Score press release.

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