Smart Phone Apps and Transit Systems

Technology Trend in Transit:

Think you will have to stand in the rain or snow to catch your bus? On vacation and don’t know which route to take? If you want answers to these questions, head over to City-Go-Round‘s website and find a smart phone app that can help.

City-Go-Round, an open source website, provides links to phone apps for U.S. and international public and private transportation systems. Third-party developers have created smart phone apps that allow transit riders to get real-time information as to when their bus or train will arrive. The apps also provide transit system maps and schedules.  City-Go-Round pushes transit agencies to provide their data to enable apps to be created.

Cities such as San Francisco and Seattle have lead the way with digital technology enhancing their rider’s transit experiences. Los Angeles , Philadelphia, Boston, and Orlando are also working to provide the same perks to their transit riders.

City-Go-Round also provides apps for walking, biking, driving, and taking a taxi.

The information in this post was taken from the City-Go-Round website.

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