ESRI International User Conference: July 12-16 2010, San Diego, CA

The Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.  (ESRI) will hold their International User Conference on July 12-16 2010, in San Diego, CA. The conference will showcase the latest GIS technology and services from companies around the world.

The conference will offer the following transportation workshops:

“Managing Tomorrow’s Transportation System with GIS”

“Transportation Exchange”

“Transportation for the Nation Parts One and Two”

“GIS in Transit Planning Operations”

“GIS and Transit Planning: Best Practice Examples”

“GIS and Transportation Planning”

“Bringing Meaning to Federal Transportation Data”

“GIS for Highway Management”

“Transit: Land Use, Accessibility, and Special Needs”

“Transportation Research with GIS”

“Transportation Asset Management”

“ESRI Transportation Management Solution”

“Aviation, Ports, and Railroads SIG Meeting”

“GIS Designs for Real-Time Information”

“Development of Comprehensive Transportation Networks and Analysis”

–Sponsors and exhibitors include: JAVAD GNSS, Trimble, ITT, NAVTEQ, Stratus Technologies, Accela, BlackBerry, GeoEye, Microsoft, Valtus Imagery Services, and i-cubed: information,  integration & imaging, LLC.

For more information on the ESRI conference, please click here.

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