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Call for Presentation Abstracts


The Conference Planning Committee invites proposals for presentations.  To submit a proposal please click here.  For a list of topics please see below.

The Conference Planning Committee invites proposals for presentation on the following topics:

  • Lessons learned using GIS to enhance service planning, analyze transit ridership, and improve transit performance
  • GIS tools and models for managing transit data; methods for collecting and maintaining data for transit scheduling and operations; standards and practices
  • GIS applications for the latest Census data
  • Use of GIS for Title VI and ADA complementary paratransit (for example, demographic analysis, accessibility standards, service analysis)
  • Data, data, data – Use of archived data for research
  • Implementing GIS within in a transit agency – Making the case for value added
  • Funding strategies for GIS initiatives
  • Ensuring consistent data integration – Incorporating GIS with other transit information systems (scheduling, dispatch, incident records)
  • Models for GIS transit applications
  • Opportunities for public-private partnerships to create practical applications of new technology
  • Access to GIS functionality for non-GIS professionals
  • Open source toolbox for GIS in transit
  • Cloud source data for planning and analysis
  • Interfaces between private data sources and public transit information
  • Third-party applications (apps) for transit
  • Using GTFS feeds to publish transit data
  • Role of social media in transit marketing and customer service
  • Examples of the use of GIS and transit informatics in successful non-traditional public outreach
  • State of the art for use of real-time/mobile technology for next bus and trip planning
  • Transit informatics to provide a link between public transit agencies and the riders (public)
  • Presentation of transit data; formatting spatial data to effectively communicate transit information, for example using GIS in schematic presentation
  • Transit data visualization

After the conference, abstracts for accepted presentations will be posted on the conference website. Full papers detailing the presentations will also be accepted for posting; however, these papers will not be peer reviewed.

Presentations that market specific products and services will not be accepted and are not acceptable at the conference. Case studies should be presented by the sponsoring organization, not by vendors.

Abstracts must be submitted for consideration by April 15, 2013.

If you are interested, visit our Abstract Submission Instructions page.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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